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Iím Danielle Dickinson, your newly elected PCDHA President for the 2011-2012 season (thatís me on the right).  I could take up this space blathering on and on about how Iíve done this or that, or how Iím oh-so-passionate about my profession and la-dee-dah.  Iím ALL those things, we ALL are, but hereís my message:  Iím just an ordinary person doing some extraordinary things with the help of a lot of very talented, passionate people.  From my early days as a green hygienist (and I donít mean the environmental kind) to my present day employment as an instructor and clinician, I have been helped by those who have gone before me to make Dental Hygiene not just a job, but a career.  I truly felt it was time...time to give back to the profession that elevated me from a swamp rat growing up in Polk County to a respected professional in my community.  So here I am, working for YOU, Registered Dental Hygienist and Hygienist-to-be!  Come on out to our FUN meetings, cleverly disguised as business meetings.  Get on board to volunteer your talents and abilities at our numerous community outreach events (lots of warm fuzzies), or slide on into a desk and listen to some of the BEST educators/speakers at our Annual Fall Seminar in October! I encourage and invite you, RDH, to join a dynamic group of ordinary people (just like me) and watch how extraordinary things can happen!




2012 PCDHA

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